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Monastiraki.org Terms & Conditions

By registering an account at monastiraki.org and placing orders you are indicating your agreement to all of our various terms and conditions and you have read and being informed from FAQ Category about how we operate  as described in the pages linked below.




Shipping and Delivery



—- Product Orders & Payments

Making any product order through our website means that you have read and agree to the terms of use of our website and the privacy policy of users.

—- Preparation Paypal account before ordering

Before you order any product you are obliged to register the correct address , name , email communication , phone , in your account PayPal (paypal.com). These data will be used to ship the product and to contact you as well to send you updates about the status of your order (tracking number , etc ) and as proof of purchase . Also during the register in our websites you must fill the correct shipping and contact details. If for any reason you entered incorrect data, monastiraki.org brings no responsibility and is not required to give the money back if you do not return the product to our warehouse in Hong Kong. Shipping costs for returning the product are charged to the buyer, and in that situation we will keep a range of 30-40 % of your money.

— Order Cancellation

If for any reason you wish to cancel your order , please contact us via the contact form as quickly as possible so that we can send you your money back . The time available for you to cancel an order , it is three hours , but even if you exceed the limit of 3 hours you can contact us and we will do everything possible from our side to serve you . If passed the period of three hours and have not cancel the order, the monastiraki.org assumes no responsibility and is not required to give a refund of your money back, if you do not return the product to our warehouse in Hong Kong. Shipping costs for returning the product are charged to the buyer, and in that situation we will keep a range of 30-40 % of your money.
Also in some situations we reserve the right to offer «credit against future orders» instead of a cash refund.

— 12 Months Warranty Product – Repair & Return / Money

We offer 12 months warranty on all of our products . If there is any problem with a device, and not caused by your improper use , you can contact us via the contact form on our website and let us know about the problem of the product .

The warranty covers wear and damaged products caused by either a factory error, either during transport. It also covers damages that were not caused by the user during the first 12 months of use ( of course will be made extensive testing in order to rule ) . Please be patient as the process may take more than 40 days. If we receive your product , we will send you a repaired or a new device (same model) or if we don’t we will send you a full refund of your money .

Please send us all details (including photographs or videos if it is asked by the staff) in our email account contact(at)monastiraki.org . After we receive your email we will immediately contact with the technical staff of our supplier in Hong Kong and we will ask them to verify the nature of the problem and if necessary , will contact you again to send you an RMA number and the return address which you must snap it in your returning pack. It is possible , particularly in terms of software, the mistake has caused by you and be prompted to find a technician in your area for the repairing, of course we will do everything we can to serve you . Before buying any product acknowledge that We undertake full ownership of the crisis of whether or not you are entitled for a technical repair covered by the 12-month warranty for the product you have requested a repair. The monastiraki.org takes no responsibility if considered that the damage was caused by you and is not obliged to return the money back.


— Accept payments

The monastiraki.org eshop accept payments only by PayPal accounts and only if you have full ownership of this account registered with the correct information and correct contact details (email, phone) .

If for any reason we realize that we have received payment from a PayPal account that is not yours , or if the payment order is not 100% complete therefore breaches of the code of our website by any means or reason of any error, we have every right to cancel the order and refund your money back , will also inform the service PayPal.com for any event like this .


— Transfer Product Code Monitoring

After you complete an order, we have a period of 1-4 days to send you the Tracking Number of your order to your email as well to add it in the payment status of the service PayPal.com. With this code, you can monitor the status of your order to the address you send your email.


— Taxes / Shipping / Customs

The tax and the cost of transport is compulsory deductions of the state of Hong Kong. Usually the products shipped to the United States and Europe but also in other countries , not retained by the office of the country . However , we are obliged to inform you that we are not responsible if the product you ordered withheld for tax or other reasons at the office of your country . The responsibility of the receipt by the office and the payment of tax liabilities of the country , is the client and not ours . Before making any order you are required to check the customs regulations in your country. If you do not receive the product , therefore because of a customs problem we will send you a full refund of your money after we receive the product back, and in that situation we will keep a range of 30-40 % of your money.


— Use of Products from buyer

Once a product is received from the buyer, the monastiraki.org takes no responsibility for the use of this product .


— Use of our Site , blog & Privacy Policy

Our website consists of code wordpress.org, the contactme.com, etc. The use of photographs and other material and product code on our website is legitimate and we have the consent of the holders thereof. The use of photographs and other material and posts categories «Blog» is legal and comes mainly from service Search & Images on Google.com and the service YouTube.com and other video services . If for any reason you believe that you have to remove anything that belongs to you , please contact us via the contact form .

We do not allow any abuse of our Site services for illegal procedures or processes for Spam.

If you are a reseller you can use our website material, accordance with the regulations of the following page:

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